Saas Agreement Template

The terms set out in the agreement are not a one-size-fits-all solution and may require adaptation to reflect the specific business agreements that apply to your SaaS offering. Seq Legal`s main activity is the sale and delivery of models. Nevertheless, we believe that there are many circumstances in which you should use a lawyer instead of a presentation document. This Software Service Agreement (“SaaS”) is an agreement between the physical or business entity that obtains the Service (as defined below) and Acumatica, Inc. (“Acumatica”). A Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Level Schedule may indicate that a service agreement or cloud services agreement is a license agreement that gives a subscriber the right to access and use the hosted services. It is different from a software license agreement that grants the licensee the right to copy the licensed software. Execution style: Is your document agreed online or offline or both? How is it concretely implemented or agreed? Our SaaS contract documents (including this free template) require an offline agreement, while our SaaS terms of sale are agnostic and allow for online and offline agreement on a service order form. Our terms and conditions for cloud services believe that there will be an online login process.

First of all, you need terms of use – even though they may be called something else. They can be called “user agreement” or “cloud service contract” or something else. This SaaS agreement, our saaS terms and conditions, and our cloud terms of service are examples of terms of use. Whatever the name of the document, its function is to regulate the legal relationship between a service provider and its customers. The terms of use contain provisions relating to the obligation for essential services, the payment of fees, the duration of the contract and its termination, the liability of the parties between them, etc. . . .