How To Add Wife Name In Rent Agreement

My wife and I bought a new apartment and registered it under my wife`s name in June. Due to some issues, I would like my name to be added as a co-owner. As we are a wife and a husband, the stamp paper is enough to do this, I am a married woman and I brought a new home for my parents. Since they pay half the amount and I took out a loan for the other half, I want to add them as nominees for this property. I had bought a plot of land with some savings and a LICHFL home loan. The property was only purchased under my name. Can I add my wife`s name to the deed of sale? My father gave me the apartment where we live. Now I would like to involve my wife as a co-owner of the apartment through the deed of donation. Please let me know the costs associated with this process. I am from Mumbai.

Once you have signed the lease, your right to live in the house becomes a marital asset. If you separate later, the “inheritance tax” must be divided like any other patrimony, unless it expires before the divorce is final. If your spouse is allowed to keep the house, they should negotiate a new lease as soon as possible. To protect yourself until then, negotiate an agreement that seems to you to be responsible in the rental agreement. You must also decide on the distribution of the deposit. Dear Meenu, ideally, the client can charge you a little money for a new sales contract. But again, everything will depend on the rules, clauses and conditions that will be followed by your client. Please inquire with the client. Is it a property under construction for the last five years? Most leases give you the right to live in your home with your husband, wife or partner and other family members.

In other words, as long as one of you is a tenant and has your name on the lease, your partner has the right to live there with you. I`m not married yet. I own a self-inhabited property in my name with home loans. Now, for tax benefits, I would like to add my wife to the housing loan and put our two names in the deed. You can lead the process, please. In fact, two years ago, I had a property in my wife`s name. Now I would like to add my name as co-owner of the property. Could you please help me in this hi-sreekanth, Recently I bought land in Kota, Rajasthan at government auction. During the auction, I forgot to mention my wife`s name as co-owner.

However, you did not send me a letter on attribution. Now, as I can add my wife`s name as a co-owner. Do you have a copy of a law/artika. I have a copy of the 1979 section that says you can add the name of the spouse, but the official said that there are now changes, but I cannot make the same thing available to me. Pla reply me your wife can run a document registered as GIFT DEED. I have an apartment that is in my name, and the home loan is also in my name. As we move to the city, I want to rent the apartment and I want my wife to be the recipe for rental income, because she is a housewife and she benefits from it, she and I, too, for tax purposes. What do I need to do to get her rental income? Can I just make a lease with his name and details pan or do I have to transfer 1st property to them?? If you have a joint rental agreement, you both have exactly the same rights and obligations. You are both responsible for paying the rent and complying with the terms of your lease.

Dear Vani. It is very difficult to get a loan if you are a winning person. Your banker (lender) might ask to include your husband in the home loan as a co-borrower. The property can be held in your husband`s name or be held in common. My brother and I bought an apartment and I was the co-owner of that apartment. I gave all my share in this apartment (50%) to my brother as a deed of donation. Now I don`t have a share in this apartment, but my name is still in the loan as a co-applicant. Now I want to buy a new apartment with my name, so I was in doubt whether or not I could get the benefit of PMAY. Please offer your thoughts.. . .