Child Safety Intervention With Parental Agreement

If Child Safety Services is concerned about your risk of harm, a child safety officer will visit you and your family to talk about the things that embarrassed them. This is called “investigation and evaluation.” Child Safety Services will work with you and your family to find out what works in your family, what worries you, and how safe you are. You will work with you and your family to get the help and support you need to be safe. The department tries to implement strategies to ensure the safety of the child or adolescent while preserving their sense of belonging and well-being. The department recognizes that families are best placed to care for children and, certainly, working with parental consent means that families receive the services they need to meet their needs and the needs of their children. Interventions with parental agreement cases are only used if parents are ready and able to work with our service to meet their child`s protection and custody needs and at the end of the intervention it is likely that parents will be able to meet those needs. This can happen if Child Safety Services feels you need help to ensure safety. In this case, Child Safety Services will ask your parents to agree to go with Child Safety Services and have decisions made about your daily care (for example. B where you live and go to school). This can take up to six months. A care agreement is a short-term agreement that your parents can make with Child Safety Services so that you are warned for a short time away from your parents. You still have custody of your child during an Assessment Care Agreement and are therefore responsible for making most decisions regarding the care of your child. Child Safety Services may ask you to accept an assessment care agreement if they review and assess your child`s child protection concerns.

In some circumstances, an assessment care agreement can only be entered into with one parent. However, an assessment agreement cannot be concluded if one of the parents refuses to enter into the agreement. During a child custody agreement, child safety services have legal custody of your child and you remain your child`s guardian. You and your child have the same rights as they do if there was an order that grants custody of your child to child safety services. If you`re not happy with your plan, you can talk to your community visitor or your Office of the Public Guardian`s children`s lawyer. They can help you express your views. Parents, pregnant women or the child`s young person must agree to cooperate with Child Safety Services and participate in the development and implementation of a support plan before a support service case can be opened. .

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