Campus West Lease Agreement

We offer a roommate search page on our website and/or our roommate profiler will help you find one for you. Curious about individual rental options? Simply ask a leasing consultant for more details. They should check all documents related to grants, loans or bursaries with the grant office. Most loans that would cover on-campus housing would have to cover or cover almost entirely the West Apartments campus. It is up to you to conduct the research. No, you are covered by our individual rental liability. Yes. All rental agreements must have a deposit. If no licensed guarantor can be obtained, Greystar accepts a deposit of one (1) rate. No no. All our leases are individual leases.

We rent per bed, unless you choose a studio or apartment with one bedroom. We know how busy you are, which is why we`ve made the process as quick and easy as possible. Renewing is a simple one like “1,2,3!” Just follow these steps: 1. Open your extension email from us. 2. Check the terms and click “Accept” 3. Follow the instructions to sign the new lease. It`s as simple as that! No, just a lease that guarantees a place, not an application. Check the prepared lease and sign via the DocuSign link provided. They will be ready to #LiveCW! We are located on the corner of Tryon Road and Avent Ferry, only a short drive from the state campus! Did we say we are a short distance from Johnson Lake? You don`t have to go far to take an afternoon walk/run! There is no time limit.

Availability is based on the First Come First Serve basis. You can apply online 24 hours a day. A signed lease actually reserves a place! You like it here and can`t imagine leaving at the end of your lease? If you sign an extension, you can extend your stay in your municipality! Fill out the housing application below. If you have any questions, please call us at (616) 895-5904. No, the West Campus is considered an off-campus box. Before applying to the LA Housing Department, you should inquire about whether you have met their requirements. There were no plans that matched their research results. Please refine your search. We don`t ask for a deposit if you can provide a parental/sponsor bond (much like a co-signer), but if you don`t have a deposit, the deposit is 1 month`s rent. If you apply, we require you to give us the $20 registration fee (one-time fee). The $200 service fee (one-time fee after moving in) is due with the lease signed.

Yes. Your surety must also sign his share of the lease. We will review the application and write the lease. The lease will be served on you by e-mail. Residents must obtain a parking card through Syracuse University. Spaces are available in the Brewster Boland garage, Lewrinson Garage, Fine Parking Lot and standard Parking Lot. Parking cards will be available by the university for a period of three weeks from the start of each semester. . .