Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement Samples

Tides takes a unique approach to tax sponsorship. Tides not only serves as a promotional channel, but also provides organizational and operational support and network to help non-profit organizations increase their impact. Please note that tax support policies and policies are unique for each tax sponsor and project. Nevertheless, you may find it helpful to see what issues are usually addressed in tax sponsorship agreements so that you can prepare accordingly. Scroll down to see some examples of tax sponsorship agreements chosen by staff. You can try an Internet search for “tax sponsorship” plus words that describe your field or project — z.B. “Fiscal Sponsoring Environment” — to find programs that fit your interests. – What is tax sponsorship? How do I find a tax sponsor? Fractured Atlas is the country`s largest tax sponsor for the arts. He works with thousands of artists and arts organizations nationwide to provide education and donation assistance. Choreographers and dance organizations working in different disciplines provide administrative support and advice. Eligibility criteria and application information are published on their website. Candid`s online library service will answer your questions within two business days.