Value Of Stamp Paper For Loan Agreement

My uncle is a farmer and he owns a new house (ground floor and first floor) and farmland (1.67 hectares) worth 33 lakes. With my money, he paid bank loans, he took loans to others for higher interest rates. He refuses to pay me interest and plans to pay the interest on the capital in several tranches, provided he receives profits in agriculture. Hello Sir, I am taking out a loan (interest-free loan) of my sister`s Rs 5 Lakhs for the purchase at home. Is it advisable to enter into a credit contract to avoid any tax impact on me or my sister? Please advise Dear Venkatesh, yes, it is better to make a formal loan contract between you. Interest-free loans are not taxable for both lenders and borrowers. Another option may be through toxic deeds. Please make check/transfer transactions online and avoid cash transactions. Please read: 5 ways to transfer your property! Gifts – tax effects! An intelligent person is always the one who validates financial transactions by filing them in writing. The main benefits of such agreements between family members or friends are mentioned below: Dear Sreekanth, Thanks for your response and I also appreciate your response.

Still want to know if I do, it is possible, without registratton as nbfc, etc. given by rbi and I can calculate interest on the amount of the loan. So what agreement will be beneficial to me: a. Change of Sola, or/and b. Loan contract Dear Sir, My mother had given credits to the known person in cash. The loans were made in good faith and with the assurance that they will be repaid when necessary and with interest. However, the insurance turned out to be a big lie and the person started to avoid all our calls. We got blank cheques signed by her and we too got to sign it on the change of sola. We also have a photocopy of their real estate document.

These are the only documents we have. Now, even after repeated requests, this person dodges the payments and there is no indication that the money is returned. This causes great psychological torment for us within our family and has forced us to have a strained relationship with my mother, who is 65 years old and who has affected her mental and physical health. I worry about losing my mother because of this tension. In addition, I learned that he had threatened to declare himself a loser in the run-up to the court. This statement from him stifled our hopes of getting the money back from him. Please help us and advise yourself. Is it possible to get a standard letter in which they paid a residential loan to someone? I want a credit of RS 4.00,000/- I`m willing to take a policy on Rs 100/- that stamp duty creditors or embers have to pay (FYI – RBI published a notice on 9, Sep-2014 on voluntary default guidelines. A guarantor of an intentional switchboard operator can therefore also be treated as a “defaulter”. Therefore, think twice before accepting and signing a loan) If you have received/provided consent in any mode in these terms and conditions to benefit from information/services related to ABC companies, you accept and authorize the entity provider to share/transfer your personal data with its ABC companies and other third parties, to the extent necessary for the provision of entities on this website and for analysis/marketing-generation/reports and/or the provision of associated entities on the website, and may only include the transfer/transfer/transfer of personal data or sensitive information if it is deemed necessary for the provision of equipment and to provide you with various additional equipment and services and information. to help you manage your financial needs in the manner agreed upon in these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.