Southern Mountain Caribou Conservation Agreement

5.8, by March 31, 2021, the extension of the three-year funding agreement with British Columbia, which is currently in place to support the implementation of conservation and recovery measures and the work of the B.C. Caribou Science Committee. The Province of BC is negotiating a caribou partnership agreement (partnership agreement) with the federal government and West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations. This partnership agreement will include conservation and restoration measures specific to the restoration of the Southern Mountain Caribou Central Group (Southern Peace Region). “Our Section 11 agreement puts Alberta`s needs at the forefront, rather than imposing an order under the Species at Risk Act.” Due to habitat changes and the proliferation of predators, Alberta caribou populations have declined in recent years. The conservation agreement is under Section 11 of the Federal Species at Risk Act. “The conservation agreements announced today are courageous steps to support the survival and restoration of the legendary Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia. It took a lot of work to get us here today. I would like to thank and recognize the leaders of Saulteau and the West Moberly First Nations for their commitment and leadership in these agreements. I would also like to thank the Government of British Columbia for its partnership. Today`s agreements are an important step in protecting these things now and in the future. Develop and implement a management plan that can include limiting recreational vehicle access in regulated residential areas, improving recreational facilities in appropriate areas, and other measures. Southern mountain caribou have roamed the mountainous terrain of the Peace River region by the thousands and thousands, but the caribou population has declined significantly over the past century.

However, she said conservationists were concerned about a decline in the conservation of existing habitats. And considering that Canada and British Columbia recognize that protecting the habitat of threatened species is the key to their conservation and recovery; and whereas Section 11 of the Species at Risk Act gives relevant ministers the authority to enter into conservation agreements with any other Government of Canada, organization or other person to use an endangered species or improve its survival in the wild, and that these agreements may include a wide range of measures and activities that must include the adoption of conservation measures and other measures in accordance with the objectives of the Act on Species conservation “From the beginning, this government has been committed to protecting this iconic species. There is no doubt that we have faced some challenges along the way, but I am proud of the way the parties persist in seeking solutions – and this agreement today is a big step forward. The Saulteaus and West Moberly First Nations have partnered with the federal and provincial governments to protect cararibus from the south of the mountain in northeast B.C.