Oracle Blanket Purchase Agreement Query

Hello Bala, please note the following points, while you have details in the area of the purchase window agreement tab (if you have selected a type of purchase-frame contract), you must choose the minimum discount for that purchase agreement line enter the agreed amount. The purchase does not automatically calculate the agreed amount based on the agreed amount. You can use the agreed Amount field to provide the agreed amounts. Then enter the agreed amount. The purchase does not automatically charge the agreed amount from the agreed amount.looks,Vidyutkumar Desai Nice BlogInstall Oracle Appsr12 Dump For Better Below query can be handy for obtaining details for standard ordering and ceiling control with publications. The query is not fully tested and serves only as a reference. Hello Vidyut, I agree that the purchase will not automatically calculate the agreed amount from the agreed amount. But my question is that the system does not stick to the agreed minimum quantities and quantities that we are putting in the lines of the agreement. I told you one. if we had listed the agreed amount as 100 qty, and when we create a post, it allows us to create for each qty which is also over 100. So my question is that what is using the qty-barbart indication in lines, if the system allows you to crush the same thing. Greetings, Bala. Hello friends, I have a request on the contract selling blanket.

When a minimum abatement is provided under the conditions > agreement control, it remains correct and fully accepts this value for each version. But if in the PO lines, under the agreement, if I agreed on a minimum of binding, amount and amount agreed for a line, the system does not have the values mentioned here when I create a split. Zb. Creates a PO cover with a line. For the line under the Accord tab, the following values have been specified. Minimum authorization: 100.00 agreed quantity: 100 agreed quantity: 10,000 1.Si I create a release, it allowed me to create with the amount of 20.00 2. When I created another publication for many 500, it allowed me to move forward. System didn`t stop me and didn`t give me any news of how it crossed the agreed Qty.

How is it that these two cases occur 1 and 2? This goes against the agree controls for the frame line. FYI: At the header level, the minimum amount of release is good and works well. It is only for the PO line that the system does not take contractual values. Any reference in this regard would be of great help. Greetings, Bala. . Hi, these are useful scripts. Hopefully this can also be useful, In fact, BPA is a deal that you can buy any qty from the provider, but in the amount Agreed.In Field Terms, you can give a minimum amount to limit the publication that should not occur below that amount.

There will be an error message if you unlock larger than “agreed amount” and minimun release.