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This call for applications is intended to support the Erasmus programme between PhD students at UAB. The Erasmus programme provides recognition for indoor courses. This recognition is consistent with the learning agreement that PhD students entered into with the doctoral program coordinator prior to their departure. Environmental Engineering: Professor Ildiko Tulbure, Ph.D. Eng. Habil., ildiko.tulbure@gmail.com The allocation of places in the destinations of this competition does not necessarily mean the granting of grants. AGRI BASE 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Iulia University is a member of the agri Base Project Consortium – “Boosting Adults System Education In Agriculture” – 2015-1-MK01-KA204-002857Eramus, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education. Law, Public Administration: Senior Lecturer Mihaela Simion, Ph.D., simionmihaela10@gmail.com We send you an acceptance letter with an information file on the University of Alba Iulia. Fill out the application form and send it from our university to the EU Programme Office. If your application is approved, you must complete the apprenticeship agreement signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinators of your institution and send it to us. History, Museology: Senior Lecturer Sorin Arhire, Ph.D., sorinarhire2001@yahoo.com Sociology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy: Senior Lecturer Vlad Zeno Millea, Ph.D., vladmillea@yahoo.com Computer Science: Senior Lecturer Adriana Bérlu`iu, Ph.D., adriana.birlutiu@uab.ro details on Erasmus for students, click read more.

Finance: Senior Lecturer Adina Dénuleiu, Ph.D., adina.danuletiu@gmail.com Mathematics: Professor Nicoleta Breaz, Ph.D., nbreaz@uab.ro PhD students pay the fees at the original university and have free enrolment at the host university, where they are entitled to the same services as local PhD students, under the same conditions. The host university must provide the necessary information on the stay, accommodation options and the registration procedure. If your university is on the list of partner universities under the Erasmus programme and you wish to study at our university for a period of 3 to 10 months, talk to your institutional coordinator Erasmus and find out what it takes to apply to your university for an Erasmus scholarship. Philology: Senior Lecturer Natalia Muntean, Ph.D., natimad@yahoo.com Accounting: Senior Lecturer Sorin Deaconu, Ph.D., deaconu_sorin@yahoo.com For all the information you need, please refer to the Erasmus Guide for the Study of Students, Agriculture and Land Registry: Professor Levente Dimen, Ph.D., ldimen@uab.ro Electronic Engineering: Senior Lecturer Loredana Boca, Ph.D., loredana_boca1@yahoo.com Educational Sciences: Associate Professor Ioana Todor, Ph.D., ioanatodor@gmail.com Physical Education and Sports: Senior Lecturer H`isan Angel Alex, Ph.D., haisan-angel@hotmail.com Making an exchange visit to the destination university does not give an automatic right to qualify. Religious music: Professor Adam Domin, Ph.D., adam_domin@yahoo.com Administration and Marketing: Senior Lecturer Silvia Maican, Ph.D., sylvia_mihalache@yahoo.com Erasmus is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Rethinking Education strategy and covers all initiatives in education, training, youth and sport. As far as education is concerned, it covers all levels: school, vocational training, higher education and adult education.