Kinmen Agreement

Representatives of the Taiwan and Mainland Chinese Red Cross organizations held talks from 11 to 12 September 1990. The meeting ended with an agreement on the participation of both parties and the implementation of sea return procedures by the respective government authorities responsible for related issues. The agreement was signed on September 12, 1990. Since the two governments on the other side of the strait claimed to be the only legitimate government in all of Chinese, the text of the agreement was designed not to recognize the government of both parties. For example, the names of Red Cross organizations were not written and the terms “illegally crossed the border” (Chinese: 非法) and “territories under the jurisdiction of both parties” (Chinese: 雙轄) were rejected. Chen Changwen and Han Changlin, The Presidents of the Taiwan and Mainland Chinese Red Cross organizations signed without mentioning their representative organizations and without mentioning official chops, and they recorded the signature date only in the Chinese figures, the year being used as “79” and “90” in Chinese, “Minguo” (in Chinese: ) and “Common Era” (in Chinese) : the signatures have changed on both copies of the agreement. [5] In early September 2013, the government of the People`s Republic of China agreed to supply Kinmen with water from Jinjiang City, Fujian, due to the continuing problem of lack of water in Kinmen. Kinmen draws more than 8,000 tonnes of groundwater and water from its reservoir every day to help residents during the dry season. The shortage problem will severely affect the local economy by 2016 if no mitigation plan is adopted. The water supply contract was officially signed on July 20, 2015 in Kinmen between Kinmen County Water Station Director Weng Wen-kuei (翁貴) and Fujian Water Supply Co President Zhu Jinliang (金), as evidenced by Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-hai and Fujian Provincial Governor Su Shulin. [86] The Kinmen Agreement (simplified Chinese: 金协; traditional Chinese: 金協議; Pinyin: Jemenin Xiéya) is an agreement between the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China and the Chinese Red Cross Society in Kinmen, Fujian Province, Republic of China.

[1] [2] [3] This is the first formal agreement by private organizations in the Taiwan Strait. [1] The agreement was signed by Min Ping Yu No.