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Nanette Cormack said the differences had nothing to do with the value of the collective agreement benefits, which are not worth the difference of nearly $16,000 in the minimum wage offered. Victoria University is accused of going against good faith by offering thousands of dollars more to job seekers when they choose not to have a collective agreement. As the contracts expired, the Centre became involved with the supplier parties and requested a copy of the renegotiated agreement. “In fact, there are not many differences between people on individual agreements and those of our collective. The CLEW collective agreement database contains the most comprehensive data on conditions of employment in New Zealand. Since 1992, the Centre has been bringing together the employment contracts of New Zealand employers and trade unions. We have developed a series of longitudinal data that allow us to track changes in the outcomes of collective bargaining. Employers who try to undermine unions with this type of tactic are a bad sign and suggest that New Zealand`s labour legislation should be more supportive of collective bargaining. The university recently proposed a librarian and offered a salary of $41,874 – $73,910 to those who had entered into a union agreement. It offered 57,280 USD – 78,760 USD for people who did not reach an agreement. The policy aims to identify and assist suicidal students and provide more effective interventions and support after suicidal behaviour. From: October 2014 Show DEPDF procedures to inform staff reports and sick leave procedures in order to confirm the university`s systems and procedures for managing these leave. See pdf These policies outline the informal, formal and Tikanga Meori processes to resolve supposed faults.

Showing PDF The purpose of these guidelines is to provide executives and employees with information and guides that enable justice and diversity at the university. From March 2014PDF For more information on the code of conduct for the pastoral care of international students, visit the website of the Ministry of Education. “For example, if you have $100,000 and the employer knows they have to pay $3,000 in KiwiSaver, they are offering $103,000 to those who haven`t written it. This directive explains the university`s underlying approach to risk and risk management. As of December 2008 PDF Ads This policy describes the circumstances for people outside the university who have been appointed to warrant or visit positions, authorizations and how exceptions are managed. View PDF . This directive ensures that students` workloads are fair, sustained and manageable and that the required course time allows a student with average ability to obtain a passport. From October 2014PDF See PDF This manual contains the university`s policies and processes for approving new courses and programs as well as modifying existing courses and programs.