Agreement For Online Teaching

SERVICE CONTRAT – I understand that this is a contractual service and that this agreement will not result in a full-time job, part-time employment or an employer-employee relationship with Learntalk. As such, Philhealth, Pag-ibig and SSS will be deductions for my account. This contract lasts one month and is automatically renewed continuously, unless the teacher or Learntalk has expressly established it in writing. EXCLUS NONIVITY – I understand that this agreement is not exclusive and I am free to work for other employers while I do online English support services for Learntalk students. SERVICES TERMINATION – Both parties are entitled to the termination of this contract by written notification. Learntalk may unilaterally terminate any teacher`s contract with immediate effect. All Learntalk teachers are required to send a 30-day written notification for their resignation to take effect, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Learntalk administration. During this period, they must continue to teach their planned classes, but may close unreserved availability on the platform. Before terminating their contract, it is the teacher`s responsibility to no longer list availability on the platform beyond the termination date. The teacher`s account is deactivated on the termination date and all future reserved classes will be automatically transferred. TEACHER EVALUATION – I agree to be subjected to a teacher evaluation by Learntalk students and the learntalk quality assurance team. I understand that Learntalk reserves the right to unilaterally terminate my services if I am still poorly rated. I agree that my lessons are monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Learntalk will provide online training and live training for teachers to equip us with the skills and techniques needed to organize online education. Learntalk regularly conducts standard lesson exams to ensure learntalk teaching standards are met. DATE EFFECTIVITY – The agreement enters into force on March 1, 2018. DRIVING TUTORIEL SESSIONS – I agree to be prepared to conduct regular 25-minute (25-minute) videoconferencing sessions for learntalk students. I agree that the number of lessons I can do each day is based on an open program that I make available to Learntalk, from which students can reserve a window of opportunity. The open schedule can be offered one month before a goal catch-up date.