Actors Equity Agreements

New Orleans Area Theatre (NOLA). This is a modified and expanded agreement on specific aspects specifically designed for use in the immediate territory of New Orleans. It is based on the premise that actors and stage managers can be used regularly. NOLA contains three levels of pay based on the number of performances and the rehearsal hours for which the member is employed. Musicals should not be produced under NOLA. There is no health insurance. Two bay area Theater, the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and the Berkeley Repertory, have already announced that they will use the new agreements, according to the union, which added that producers interested in qualifying can contact their regional investment representatives. From Broadway to dinner theater, Equity has a contract to cover professional theater, big and small, wherever it might occur in the United States. Equity negotiates and manages national and regional collective agreements with several employers, as well as agreements with an employer with theatre employers. These agreements provide for minimum wages, benefits, job security and many other provisions to ensure safe working conditions and a working environment in which actors and directors-general are protected.

Given that live theatres are closed across the country and nothing is in sight, but darker scenes, the union announced Wednesday that it has made available to producers streaming agreements in areas where public meetings are limited so that they can record and make available an online performance for single airtimes for ticket buyers. Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA). The TYA agreement includes productions of plays that have been expressly written, created or adapted for children. There are two forms of contract: the weekly contract and the delivery contract. Performances are usually held during the normal duration of the school and are limited to 90 minutes. In addition to the performances, the agreement allows the “artist” activity associated with it, such as the courses. B with the students. Accommodation and overnight stays are permitted, but fees are required if the actors have to sleep away from their place of residence.